Suki tutored our son this summer in Statistics . My son has had trouble in math since 8th grade. The highest grade that he has ever received is a C. Working with Suki he got an A in his course. My son told us Suki was very knowledgeable in the subject, very patient and excellent at breaking the subject down into smaller, easily understood parts. She was very professional and did a fantastic job.


I would highly recommend Suki as a tutor and if my son ever takes another math course will make sure we use Suki as a tutor

Cliff A

Lodi, CA

Suki helped me in the courses of Physiology and Organic Chemistry. Online tutoring with her was great! At first, I thought it would be an issue and frustrating to tutoring via a screen and that it would be a waste of my money if I'm not getting everything I wanted; however, Suki has found all the ways to make it feel like I'm sitting right next to her. Her online access ways, like Ziteboard, is every helpful. Like every computer software, it does sometimes have glitches, but it works out in the end. 


Suki is very intelligent, she can practically teach any subject. She's really good at dumbing things down for students to understand and she doesn't teach it in such a complicated way. Also, she is really good at knowing to teach and not teach you, sometimes professors like to overload you with information you never even need to know. 


The best part about Suki is that since she is a student and took all of the classes I am taking now, she knows what the most difficult or easiest parts are. 


She's really good about time management and doesn't like to waste your money. If you understand a concept, she doesn't keep repeating herself over and over again to pass time. 


I recommend her so much that I've already told a couple of my friends about her and they started to get tutoring from her! They love her, too! 


Suki is a little pricey; however, she does make your time worth every penny. I would definitely give the 30 minute free trial a consideration because, trust me, she's so good, you'll want to keep going. 


Stockton, CA

“Very patient and encouraging even when you're totally frustrated! Suki works with you step by step breaking complex chemistry problems down and doesn't just give you the answer but has you learn how to do it yourself. AMAZING tutor for Chemistry!!”


“Suki is very kind and patient. She actually breaks things down little by little to make sure you fully understand everything you are doing and she doesn't just give answers away so you learn to do problems on your own. I highly recommend her for Chemistry tutoring! ”


Baltimore, Maryland

Suki is quick to sort out exactly what a student knows and what needs to come next. She knows how to deliver just what our daughter needs for chemistry and algebra 2. 

Michael M

Long Beach, CA

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***Prices may vary slightly based on location and subject. Students that sign up for a monthly plan may qualify for a reduced rate. Cancellation fees apply for last minute reschedules/cancellations. Please see our Pro-Bono options if you are a low-income student.