Sat/act prep

sat/act intensive

To succeed on the SAT, one must be organized and consistent. In order to help our students succeed and stay on track, we create individualized plans that are specifically tailored to each student. In order to create your plan, we must determine some key points:


Our academic consultants will work with you to create a ranked list of colleges and their statistics.  This will help you and your tutor determine your ideal score for the SAT/ACT.


To succeed on the SATs, one must know their strengths and weaknesses. To evaluate that, all of our students are required to take a diagnostic test prior to their first session. The diagnostic will be given in a similar setting as the actual test and it is used to determine the student’s baseline score. The diagnostic test will be provided and administered for students by their tutor or parent to simulate real test day setting. 


Once your mentor receives your diagnostic, they will evaluate the score and give an approximation for the time needed to obtain their ideal score. Students can choose to alter the schedule if necessary and the mentor will work with the student to ensure that they are completing all required tasks. To determine the approximate time needed, the ideal score is subtracted from the diagnostic score. If the student needs to improve 40 points, it will be about 10 hours, 60 points (20 hours) and so on. This is based off of previous SAT/ACT success rates.


By signing up for the test, students are more inclined to study more effectively and stay on track due to a time restriction. Generally, we suggest that students meet with their tutors for at least 30 hours. Key things to consider when signing up for the test would be availability, college application deadline and other priorities.