At Snapmentors, tutors invest in their students by taking active roles in helping them reach their goals. There are numerous students that we have tutored that struggle with time management, test anxiety, and organizational skills. Learning these traits can have drastic effects on student confidence and success.


At SnapMentors, all tutors are trained to identify your child's strengths and weaknesses during the initial sessions. Then they will create an individualized plan for the student to help them reach their goals. For students in high school, mentors will create a yearly calendar that will indicate upcoming SAT/ACT dates, help students determine the right time to ask their teachers for letters of recommendation and when to start writing their personal statements. 


In addition, mentors will teach students how to use their planner effectively. By planning this out beforehand, students can learn essential skills such as goal setting, time management, and responsibility. We believe that it is important to keep parents keep informed about their child's success, therefore, all of our mentors provide monthly progress reports that indicate their child's improvements. At SnapMentors, we are committed to helping your child thrive and we offer a variety of plans available depending on your child's needs and interests. 


Students are given the option of having a regular tutoring session on a weekly, monthly or daily basis. If your child is just struggling with a few problems on their homework or they just need their mentor to correct their homework, they can easily send a snap of it and send it via the homework submission tab. One of our mentors will be available to check the homework and provide detailed instructions on the missed concepts within 2 hours. In addition, we offer group tutoring, SAT/ACT prep and help with certain college courses. All mentors will be there to help provide guidance to interested students, regardless of subject. 


Our goal is to encourage more students to attend college and we believe that all students should have equal access to education regardless of their income level. Therefore, we provide pro bono and reduced cost tutoring for low-income students! Please contact us for more information.

Typical Student Schedule

For students struggling with time-management, a schedule will be created by the mentor to ensure that students are turning in all assignments. This schedule is then shared with the parents and the student to ensure that parents are up-to-date about their child's progress. This schedule is updated on a daily basis to ensure that all test dates and assignments are posted. 

On Demand Corrections

For students that feel comfortable with the homework but need corrections, the Dropbox tool under "my account" allows them to submit their homework online and receive feedback within a 2 hour period. Below is a typical assignment correction. 


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***Prices may vary slightly based on location and subject. Students that sign up for a monthly plan may qualify for a reduced rate. Cancellation fees apply for last minute reschedules/cancellations. Please see our Pro-Bono options if you are a low-income student.