ABOUT me​​

My name is Sukhi Kaur and I have been a tutor for 8 years. I graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Science. I am currently a medical student in NYC. My goal is to create a company that specifically tailors to you and your child's needs. All of the tutors hired through SnapMentors are trained to be both advisors and tutors. They will assess your child's strengths and weaknesses during the first few sessions and create a plan that will incorporate their weaknesses, such as time management or organization into the session, in addition to teaching the material. The assessment is also used to plan the sessions, detect gaps in the student's knowledge, and establish a baseline from which the student can start. I choose the name SnapMentors because rather than being tutors that only help with classes, SnapMentors will provide guidance for SAT/ACT Prep, a detailed plan for studying for AP tests while taking your classes and managing college applications. Our mentors will be there for your child every step of the way to ensure that they can help them reach their potential!